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We'd love to hear from you! And for those who do inquire about our services below, we'll give you a valuable document called "50 Groundbreaking Studies Show That Regular Exercise Frights Disease, Improves The Quality Of Life And Helps Stave Off The Effects Of Aging".

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Welcome to Roddrix.com! I had this website created to connect with people in the entertainment and media industries, actresses, singers, models, executive producers, working professionals, doctors, business owners, athletes, and other people seriously wanting ready to get their fitness goals achieved. Whether you are getting ready for your next movie project, photo shoot, or getting married I can design a customized program that will work for you. I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 12 years with a complex background in both the sciences of personal training and in the operations of various upscale multi-level personal training studios throughout New York City. So what’s best about working in this industry? Well for one I get a chance to work with people that I actually enjoy working with but more importantly I get the opportunity to help these people in something I love.

In the real world of big corporate gyms it seems the only people who truly are able to achieve tremendous success in their fitness goals are those individuals who work with good personal trainers. The most important trait I’ve found that makes a good personal trainer is one that can learn from other successful PTs further ahead in the game then they are and that the mentee personal trainer is not be afraid to be mentored. I personally do not claim to be the best in the industry however I am proud to say that I have been known to have mentored some of the most successful PTs in New York City and I am still open to learn a trick or two from a more seasoned PT to better facilitate my clients in helping them achieve their goals.

Dear future client, I know in the process of you finding my website you probably have tried many fad diets, workout classes, boot camps, or read a book or two that promised you to lose 10 pounds in 7 days, etc. I'm here to tell you they are misleading you and reason why I can say that is simple, they don’t know you as a person. See, my first goal is to get to know you and try to identify makes you tick. I need to know your reason “why” you want to pursue this fitness endeavor now in your life- why in this period of your life is it important to you. Once I find your deep enough why, I will be able teach you how we can make that happen!

Future client, I would like to help you with your PT shopping endeavor. Through the years I had many my friends, family members, even former clients asked me if I had a good PT I could recommend them. As I’ve helped them maybe I can help you with these eight key tips that will save you both time and money when looking for a great personal trainer.

  1. find a personal trainer with solid credentials such as NASM-CPT certification or NFPT cert (also a valid CPR/AED cert & liability insurance) … experience is not enough.
  2. ask the personal trainer of pass success stories from previous clients (a happy client will do this favor for any PT)
  3. remember, there’s a difference in being a personal trainer versus being a "professional" personal trainer. Successful PTs are also financially successful- Ask the PT how many hours a week do they train, how many clients, what’s their rates, etc.
  4. good personal trainers look good and are dressed for PT. See how they dress, groom, do they have good white teeth, fresh breath, smell good, etc.
  5. kind of ironic but solely a cute (or beautiful) personal trainer doesn’t necessarily mean they are an effective personal trainer. When I use to manage PTs I’ve found this statement to be true.
  6. without saying, good personal trainers are effective communicators and listeners.
  7. find out what’s the personal trainer’s availability… are they flexible?
  8. ask the what specialty knowledge or expertise they possess such as knowledge of human anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, exercise programming, nutrition, etc.

If you have any questions, please fill out my contact form and let's talk over the phone about what you are looking for to see if we can work together.


Kenney (K-Rod) Rodriguez
Chief PT and CEO of RoddrixPT

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