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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Personal Training?
Personal Training is one on one instruction and guidance through a custom made program fit for that particular client.

2. What is Video Phone Personal Training (VPPT)?
Video Phone Personal Training (VPPT) is a one on one live streaming in home personal training platform where you bring me live to your living room! At Roddrix we use one of the best Video Phone platforms in the world- the ACN Video Phone. Please go to www.newvisiontoday.com select your state and click digital phone to learn more. The device is cost less than $200 and with this device I can train you no matter where you live whether you live in New York or Europe or Spain we can train together.

3. I am a high profile person will my information remain confidential?
Yes. Your privacy will be held to the highest standard. My roster includes people from all professional backgrounds. Prior to training a high profile client, if the client request, I can draft a non-disclosure agreement where I will be your anonymous Personal Trainer. I am here to deliver a program and/or service- not to write a book about my life and experiences training you.

4. Where will we work out?
I work with people in the comfort of their home where I bring the training experience to them- whether you would like me physically with you or on your flat screen via video phone training. I also work in residential buildings gyms and spas, even your office on your lunch break! Throughout the years I have establish relationships with various gyms and private studios in NYC. If you prefer to work outside of your home I will scout out a nice gym around your area and negotiate a fee with the owner of that studio. All admin fees and set up will be handled from my end.

5. What fitness certifications do you have?
I carry lots of training experience and certifications under my belt. Here are some to name a few:
NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer (License number: 1393583) NASM-CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), TRX suspension Training Certification, PHI-Pilates Mat, Reformer, Tower, integrated Tower, Pilates Cadillac Modalities, Tai Kick Boxing Certification, Kettle Bell Concepts Certification, Neuro-Muscular Flexibility (NMF) Certification. Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition and a BS Degree in Business to name a few..

6. Is there a place where I can research your credentials?
Yes. You can visit http://www.nasm.org/certificationsearch.aspx On this page you can identify which NASM Personal Trainers contains active licenses. My certification number is: 1393583. Please feel free to check my credentials for yourself.

7. Are you bonded and insured?
Yes. In order to work independently in any commercial studio in NYC and most residential buildings with gyms you have to be bonded and insured.

8. Do you have female Personal Trainers?
Yes. I have both male and female professional trainers on my team. If you prefer a certain gender we got you covered.

9. How much does your Personal Training Program cost?
This is a rather difficult question to answer because there’s many factors to consider; Are you training for your next movie or your wedding? How about a marathon? Other factors include: how many times a week can you train, what hours are you looking to train, are you requesting the weekends to train, how physically fit you are, how far are you from where either myself or one of my PTs can reach you, how long are you trying to remain a client… etc. Please contact me at KRod@Roddrix.com of call me at (212) 804-7570 to discuss more in this regard.

10. Do you offer Nutritional Counseling besides Personal Training?
Yes. It’s my one/two approach to health and wellness. About 30% of your program is dedicated in finding out what areas can we improve in your overall eating habits. The other 70% is about movement patterns and how can we improve them to get the best out of your workouts.

11. My local gym has Personal Trainers, why not just use them?
I basically started out my personal training career in an industrial gym. Most fitness department in these gyms are pretty good in teaching PTs the basics of Personal Training, however, these industrial companies are more interested in your membership dues then helping you achieve your goals. Furthermore, there is a cap on education level you will reach working with a local gym trainer. This is the very reason why most celebrities, entertainers, pro athletes and other professionals seek their own personal trainers, mostly through word-of-mouth. In my professional opinion, the best PTs in the business are normally self-employed working independently. These unique group of PTs ultimately must become the product for which they earn their living.

An independent Personal Trainer has to have a rock solid program, savvy business skills, as well as people skills to remain competitive in this business. An independent trainer is 100% responsible for his/her business and not dependent upon a gym to give them clients. Thus, the experience you will receive from a well rounded Private Personal Trainer will far surpass any six month old gym rat PT that works for half the payment split.

12. How can I contact you to find out more information?
You can contact me by calling my office: (212) 804-7570 or by email: KRod@Roddrix.com.