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Corrective Exercise Training (CET) is a discipline that was developed by Dr. Michael A. Clark, President and CEO of NASM, National Academy of Sports Medicine. I personally use this method of training on myself and many of my clients that have what we call in CET “postural distortions”.

In CET the goal is to identify what areas of the body are causing the client’s distortion and correct it using four disciplines:

  • inhibiting
  • lengthening
  • iso strengthening
  • integrating

I have found that using the Corrective Exercise Training discipline on my clients I was able to tremendously improve their dynamic posture which helped enhance my client’s nervous system to operate more efficiently, their muscular system by balancing their body for peak performance, as well as their skeletal system in the form of reducing overall stress on the bones and joints which helps naturally to relieve pain and discomfort. We are talking about everything from shoulder pain, knee pain, lower back pain, etc…


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