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There is truly no limit with Video Phone Training. It’s like carrying your live personal trainer anywhere you go! At Roddrix we have done our due diligence in finding the perfect company that will be able to offer the quality video format we were looking for.

There was a time before implementing the Video Phone program. I had clients that travel to many places around the world for business but still wanted to train with me. To meet the client’s need I’ve decided to use several methods of training through the web. I’ve tried everything from web cams to Skype, the major problem was is that the picture was not that great and so I kept researching to find something better.

My search ended when I’ve learn about a company called American Communications Network (ACN) (please go to www.newvisiontoday.com hit digital phone/video phone to learn more).

The ACN Video Phone is the world’s most advance video phone technology where you could connect it to your flat screen TV and get crisp HD quality steam real-time video Personal Training with myself of one of Roddrix staff at a rate less than having us there visiting you in person. We will send you all the equipments that we will be working on in your program and schedule a time and date that works for you to live stream train you while you right in the comfort of your home or hotel room. We can even do conference training with your friends and family members around the world while we are all live to chat and train together! This type of technology is truly a game changer for those with limited time and that travels a lot. Please contact us here to learn more about this technology breakthrough program.