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After the marriage comes the baby! Before we can embark on this program you must have clearance from your doctor first. The baby ready program is a program geared for you to remain health during your three stages of pregnancy. All exercises are safe, effective and evidence based to help a pregnant mother deliver a healthy baby while she maintains in great health herself. This program is not necessarily to get you in shape (that’s for the after baby program) this program is more geared towards to make you feel great while being pregnant and keep you active.

In essence most exercises could be performed with a healthy mother to be. I have personally done everything from TRX training to boxing with my pregnant clients with no problem. The most important part of this program in my opinion is just having the mother to remain active and feeling beautiful as her little one is developing healthy inside. The program is highly recommended for all new healthy mother’s to be. We have both male and female PTs that can assist you in this program. Please contact us more here and ask about this program.