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TRX Suspension Training is an awesome program where most exercises performed you will be in some form of suspension. It requires body strength, join stability, and coordination to do the exercises right. TRX is a serious method of calisthenics (using one’s body weight) training that was develop for the navy seals right here in the U.S. by a navy seals expert Randy Hetrick. Randy is the CEO of Fitness Anywhere and the inventor of the TRX, the TRX system, and its principles.


This program could be using with people on all fitness levels from beginner to athlete. Although this equipment can be used for the general healthy public it is highly recommended to work with a personal trainer certified in this discipline to ensure that you are using the equipment correctly and prevent injury.

TRX could really help get a person that’s in good shape in great shape. It could be set up anywhere from a local tree in the park to a door edge in a person’s home. This program is a lot of fun and you really get a good workout. Please contact us here to learn more about this exciting program.