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What is Video Phone Personal training?

We all know that DVD workouts can be a good way to get into shape. However, you have to have a good sense of body cuing, coordination and picking the right DVD program based on your fitness levels… Not to mention the self-motivation to follow a routine where you will not quit.

The Video Phone Personal Training (VPPT) concept came about when I had clients that had to travel abroad for work purposes, whether they were entertainers, movie industry people, or business executives. And although I had the luxury to have traveled with them, it can become very, very costly – not to mention the clients I was still serving in the city. Video phone training provided the perfect answer!

Video Phone Training allows me to stay connected with my clients abroad and keep them on track in their program. I have done extensive research in this field and found the perfect piece of equipment that service myself and my clients extremely well. It’s called the ACN (American Communications Network) Video Phone.

For a little under $200 and a ($30 monthly charge) The ACN video phone provides a master piece of both technology and beauty. This video phone provide the most detailed streaming HD quality life like pictures you will find in the market place today. One of the best features of this phone is the fact that you could connect it to your 40 inch flat screen to have life like motion picture with full 24 bit left and right stereo channels. I am able to view client’s posture in detail and able to walk the client through the exercises at hand as if I’m right there in their living room! Furthermore as a business practice, I am able to cut the cost of the session as well as cut travel time while ultimately being more productive because I’m training at home with the client myself.

The ACN Video Phone is an internet based phone that connects to your high speed internet. Every time you make a call the video phone contact the ACN head quarters in Concord North Carolina and from there the call is then re- routed to it’s destination. The Video Phone can call any land line and mobile carrier as well any where in the world without a single issue. And the monthly price is extremely attractive as you can call unlimited to every state in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico and 60 other countries in the world for the flat rate of $30 a month- countries like all of Europe, Australia, Israel, Spain and even South Korea.

Please visit www.newvisiontoday.com and click on digital phone to learn more.