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Simply put the Roddrix model is not trying to cater to the general public… that’s for the big commercial gyms. My key target is to discover the best possible methods to achieve your goals in the safest most effective manner. From pain management, flexibility, and iso-strengthen/lengthen key muscle groups, to proper neuro-muscular coordination, balancing, stamina, speed and control; and of course toning up, losingweight, gaining muscle, burning fat, and just getting ready for the beach, wedding or simply want to feel healthier and young we have a program for you.

“What Kenney has done for my general well being is help me identify and reach my greatest health potential.”

Peter Holcomb
Chief Engineer/
Foundering Partner of Sound Lounge

“Hello. My name is Lucien Rees Roberts and I along with my partners run an upscale interiors and landscaping firm in the heart of Tribeca New York City, www.reesroberts.com . I often travel to various places around the world to view and develop upscale properties mostly focusing on the private sector. My business requires me to walk on rough terrains , long travel flights, and standing for extended periods of time. Because I have an on going issue with pain in my left knee as well as my lower back I was determine to find a great personal trainer to help me improve on my flexibility, maintain fit, and in optimum health. I’ve been working with Mr. Rodriguez now for several years. Kenney’s indicative approach to personal training is the best I have seen. He’s a master in keeping me focused on every single exercise I do with immediate remediation if needed. I am a very satisfied client.”

Through out my fitness career I’ve had the opportunity to train some of the most dynamic cliental base in the world and I have learned a great deal of them as they learned from me. Nothing makes me feel better than when a client tells me that their husband (or wife for that matter) just gave them a complement and noticed the difference in their appearance and overall new attitude towards their health and wellness. One of my methods to win is I take on good case scenario clients on a case by case basis similar to a good lawyer finding a fightable winnable case. In my book it really doesn’t matter how many cases you have but how many cases you win that boost your reputation and get you your referrals!



Time is very expensive, something you don’t get back. Making you look and feel better is at the core of the Roddrix Program. Most workouts are simple, straight forward and safe. Steady stable range of motion always more effective than being all over the place and uncoordinated… Again, time should be your most prized possession. What have taken me over 10 years to learn will take you weeks because we are simply going to learn the things that work.

Please fill out my contact form for a free phone consultation and a possible workout set up together.


Kenney (K-Rod) Rodriguez
Chief PT and CEO of RoddrixPT